Provider Signup Page

Northern Illinois University

Welcome Providers!

We are excited that you are registering as a provider on our network!  Like many universities across the country, the need for mental health services at NIU has increased significantly.  Having you in our network will allow us to meet the growing demand for services.  


As a way to keep our referral network accurate, please keep your login in information and update your account on a regular basis (please be sure to click the blue SAVE button at the bottom of each page).  Updates to insurance panels, change of locations, and new areas of specialty will allow us to make the best referral possible for our students.  From time to time, we will contact you to see if your information is accurate and to encourage you to make changes as needed.  If at any time we have concerns about your fit as a referral resource for our students, we may choose to remove your profile from the system.


Please contact Kelsey Boll at 815-753-1207 or Liz Garcia at 815-753-1206 with any questions or feedback you have about this system.  We look forward to collaborating with you!





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